a photograph of a handmade book, created using a cyanotype of wildflowers for the covers and bound together with Coptic stitching; a small vase of flowers

The Redheadwondering Manifesto

Hey there! It’s good to see you here. My name is Lizzie, and I am the redhead who is always wondering! Wondering about life, about this beautiful world, about words and light and colour and form. And mostly about how I can be the best me that I can possibly be.

I am a creator of hand bound books and of art, in the form of cyanotypes and photographs. I am also an avid journal-keeper and I’d like to share some of my journal wonderings with you today ….

My Mission

I’d like to tell you more about my business, about why I set it up and why it is important to me.

Redheadwondering Hand Bound Books exists to provide women with beautiful, unique hand bound books; books that encourage them to write down their own truths.

My mission is to give women a medium through which they can find their voice and write down the things that are truly important to them.

My greatest wish is to create beautiful hand bound books that make women feel special, that make them feel that their words really are worth it.

Unique hand bound journal because your words are worth it. A photograph of a hand bound journal, open to the front page. It shows the inside covers, made using handmade Nepalese Washi paper in a gorgeous dark blue. There are also flowers and Lapis Lazuli crystals in the photograph, and a fountain pen.
Unique hand bound journal because your words are worth it

I create these unique hand bound journals, because I believe that your words and your memories deserve to be cherished in beautiful books.

I create the holders of memories.

I believe that all women’s voices deserve to be heard and I give them beautiful books to hold those memories and words in.

Now, I am just going to point out that to talk about a “mission”, it’s a bit embarrassing for me. I mean, who the heck am I, to have something so grandiose as a “mission”?! I’m not going to change the world!

But here’s the thing, I AM changing MY world, and that has ripple effects that I am not even aware of. I just know that I want to keep on doing what I’m doing, and if one of my ripples washes against just one woman, who takes heart on reading my words, who picks up a pen and starts to communicate with herself, then that is enough!

So, Who Am I?

My name is Lizzie and I create beautiful hand bound books because I believe that your words are worth it! (Honest truth, NOT just a tagline!)

I’m a journal-keeper, a stationery addict, a creative, a photographer, a writer, a cyanotype print maker, a lover of nature, a lover of flowers (both in my garden and the wildflowers that grow in abundance around my wonderful Wiltshire home), a country girl, an introvert, a lover of beauty and art. I am Scottish but have spent most of my adult life in England and Ireland. I am married to the love of my life. I am mother to one grown up son.

I am all these things and more …

I am strong, I am honest, I am supportive, I am kind, I am a little bit OCD, I am smart, I am funny, I am resilient, I am a good friend, and I am getting so much better at saying, I AM ENOUGH!!!

I’m a very happy woman!

I'm a very happy woman! a photo of a woman with curly red hair, holding one of her handmade books, with other handmade books on the table beside her.
A happy woman with her journals

And I am now a small business owner. I am building a business out of my passions for journaling and creativity. The books I create are perfect for journals (they also make fab diaries, sketchbooks and photograph albums … just putting that out there!!).

I make the covers from original cyanotype prints, which I create using wildflowers and sunshine and a little bit of alchemy! I use Coptic stitching to bind the books together. Each book that I create is unique and made entirely by hand.

What I Believe in and What Redheadwondering Stands For

Telling yourself the truth - a photograph showing an open journal, a woman’s hand holding a fountain pen, writing “first tell yourself the truth”
Telling Yourself the Truth


I will tell you the truth about my own journey. I really believe that by owning our stories, by shining a light into our darkest places, we can help other women to shine!


I use recycled and sustainably sourced materials when I create my books. My books are environmentally friendly … the paper for the pages is recycled, made mainly from old coffee cups. The paper for the covers is handmade and ethically sourced. I use Irish Linen Thread to bind the books together. I use small, independent businesses to source my materials. I do my utmost to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible. Oh, and I use the sun to develop the prints, and it doesn’t get more eco-friendly than that!!

photo showing the covers of hand bound books, ready for binding together, plus some pressed flowers
covers of hand bound books all ready for binding


I would love to support other women to find their voice. I also feel that it’s important to support other small businesses and artists, which is why I will always cheer them on and share their work, and why I buy from small businesses.


When a woman buys or receives one of my products, she is getting something I have created with love, something beautiful that she can treasure. I express my own creativity in each book that I make, and I hope that it inspires the women who use my journals and sketchbooks to be even more creative themselves.


I am on a mission (there’s that word again!) to create books that are both beautiful works of art AND functional.

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it:

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris
A photograph of a Hand Bound B5 Journal with Original Wet Cyanotype Print Covers. The print features Poppies and Daisies with Golden Sparkles.
Poppies and Daisies with Golden Sparkles …
Because Your Words Are Worth It

I am creating beautiful works of art that are useful. I am creating things that fit into William Morris’s ethos perfectly.

I am doing what so many in the craft movement before me have done … taking raw materials and turning them into something new with my own two hands.

I take the basic materials of paper, flowers, some chemicals, thread and glue … and time … and I blend all of these elements together and as if by magic, beautiful prints appear, and then through deft cutting and tearing and gluing and stitching, I create the most beautiful notebooks and journals that are indeed very useful!

Value and Quality

It is my intention to always give value. Hours and hours of work go into creating each journal, and I know that when they are complete, they are of the highest quality possible. I want the women who buy my journals to love them … to love using them as much as I love creating them.

The service I give to my customers is always excellent. I’m very old fashioned … I believe in being courteous and polite, I believe in giving the best service and value that I possibly can to every single person who buys from me.

Why Does the Work I Do Need to Exist in the World?

Because we are allowed to treasure our words, because they are special.

Because we are allowed to leave a legacy for our daughters and granddaughters.

Because the world needs beautiful books!

We Have A Voice

For me, one of the most important drivers of my business is that I want to encourage women to find their voice through journaling, through writing down their truths so that they may right their lives. Journaling quite literally saved my life, and I want to share that with other women.

We, as women, are brought up to believe that women’s voices are not as important as men’s. Even if you were lucky enough to be brought up in a family where the feminine is valued, society tells us at every turn that men are more important than women. Men’s voices are always the loudest! A woman speaks up and she is denigrated … she is labelled a “harpy”, a “nag” or a “feminist” … as if “feminist” is a dirty word.

But our voices ARE valid.

What we have to say IS important.

We have a right to speak our truths.

And a journal is an incredibly powerful tool for allowing us to do that. It’s where we can try out our truths on ourselves, we can drill down, and delve deep into what is true for us.

We can ask ourselves, “What do I believe in?”

And we don’t have to be ashamed of the answers!

We’re allowed to feel what we feel!!

My Happy Place

Everything about my business makes me happy …

… from picking the wildflowers I use in the cyanotype prints, from which I make the covers …

… through creating those prints and never quite knowing how they’ll turn out, (because there’s alchemy involved and who doesn’t feel happy when they’re making magic?!) …

… to binding the books together with Coptic stitching, which is such a restful and mindful activity that, yes, it does make me very happy!

Some of my favourite wildflowers. The photograph shows a bunch of wildflowers gathered from the hedgerows around my beautiful Wiltshire home. It features Ox-eye daisies, wild field poppies, Umbelliferae and wild mallow.
some of my favourite wildflowers
A cyanotype during the developing phase – a cyanotype during the developing phase of the print – it features wild mallow, wild field poppy and wild dog rose flowers, and green ink
A cyanotype during the developing phase
A photograph showing the spine of a hand bound book. This book is stitched together with turquoise Irish Linen waxed 4-ply thread.
This book is stitched together with
turquoise Irish Linen waxed thread

And I believe that my books will make you happy too; because they are beautiful, just like you; they are unique, just like you!

And they are special, just like the words you will write in them.

Writing a journal can help you to right your life. Writing a journal is meditation, it is a journey of self-discovery. And it is just for you!

And I truly believe that writing in a journal will make you happy … I do it every morning, and it works for me!

And Most Importantly … Who My Hand Bound Books Are For

Women who want to find their own voice, and who love and appreciate beautiful things.

Women who will feel elevated and inspired to write when the vessel for their words is a beautiful piece of art itself.

Artists who want to sketch out ideas and want to do it in something beautiful that they can treasure.

Women seeking clarity about themselves.

Women seeking creativity in their every day life.

Women who have been stuck/abused/neglected/suffocated/stifled/dominated.

Women who are ready to break free of negative beliefs.

Women who are ready to say, I have a voice, I count.

Women who want to explore their creativity.

Women who are trying to find their purpose.

Women who want to live more mindfully.

Women who have spent their lives taking care of others and who know it’s time to start taking care of themselves.


Daisies in the Pink - Hand Bound A5 Journal with Original Wet Cyanotype Print Covers featuring Ox-eye daisies
Daisies in the Pink … Because Your Words Are Worth It
A Summer Meadow … Because Your Memories Are Worth - Hand Bound A4 Photograph Album with Original Wet Cyanotype Print Covers. It features all sorts of wildflowers, gathered from the hedgerows around my beautiful Wiltshire home
A Summer Meadow … Because Your Memories Are Worth It
All Sorts of Purple Flowers - Because Your Words Are Worth It - Hand Bound Journal with Original Wet Cyanotype Print Covers. It features an allium seed head, a nigella and a centaurea flower
All Sorts of Purple Flowers … Because Your Words Are Worth It

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into why I do what I do! Why not sign up for my Wonders out of a Redhead Newsletter, so that you can find out about all my latest blogs and products.

Happy Journaling!

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