I am a woman of many journals, lots of hand bound books, pens and flowers

Taking Every Opportunity to Write

Hey there! It’s good to see you here. My name is Lizzie, and I am the redhead who is always wondering! Wondering about life, about this beautiful world, about words and light and colour and form. And mostly about how I can be the best me that I can possibly be.

I am a creator of hand bound books and of art, in the form of cyanotypes and photographs. I am also an avid journal-keeper and I’d like to share some of my journal wonderings with you today ….

And I Mean … EVERY Opportunity

I take every opportunity I can to write. I’ve always got a notebook with me wherever I go, so I can grab moments to write down my thoughts. Take this blog … I started the first draft of this during a break at my day job.

There is, for me, an almost magical thing that happens when I write … it’s something to do with the connections I form … mind to hand to pen to page.

I will just start writing; it doesn’t really matter what the first words are, because they are a tool, just like the pen; they are the thing that triggers the flow of words.

Seeking Clarity

Writing is a way for me to get clarity of thought. I don’t know about you, bit I have so many thoughts going around and around in my head … so many lists …

  • What I need to do
  • What I want to do
  • What I should have done by now

Not to mention all the ideas and notions and plans … for my business, my day, my week, my year, my life!

So much “stuff” that if I didn’t write, I think I would go batty, trying to juggle all the balls, spin all the plates and probably ride the bloody unicycle, all at once!!

Once you have the habit of writing, once it’s become something you just do, like eating and breathing, then ordering your thoughts is so much easier.

So Many Notebooks

I just counted up in my head, as I’m writing this, and I know that I have at least 11 notebooks/journals/planners on the go …

  1. There’s my daily journal that I write in every morning.
An open journal, a fountain pen, some flowers and some crystals.
Coptic binding means that the journals lie completely flat when opened, perfect for journaling
My daily journal is always one of my own creations

2. There’s my gratitude and success journal that I write in every night.

In this journal, I write three things I am grateful for, three things I have achieved that day, and I set the intention to have a good night sleep and write one thing that I plan to do the next day.

Today I am grateful for Steve, for my TBCH friends, for my lovely garden.

Today I made 3 Pins, wrote the first draft of my next blog, watched a webinar on social media marketing.

Tonight, I will sleep really well and tomorrow I will bind a new journal.

My Katie Leamon notebook with notes from creating cyanotypes and journals
My Katie Leamon notebook with notes from creating cyanotypes and journals

3. There’s my lovely Katie Leamon notebook that I won in a competition.

In this book, I make notes about cyanotypes and journals as I am making them …

I’ll note the type of paper I use for the prints, what flowers I use, what inks and dyes; I write what Lokta paper I use for the inner covers, and what thread I use to bind the journals with.

4. There’s my “creative” writing notebook, that has prompts to get my creative juices flowing.

5. There’s my yellow legal pad that has all my content planning notes and ideas in.

6. There’s my “mobile” journal that lives in my handbag, in case there’s an idea/notion/bit of inspiration when I’m out and about.

7. There’s my Content Planner.

8. There’s my Abundant Business Planner.

9. 10.  and 11. There are THREE notebooks that have various biz-related notes, taken during workshops, challenges and webinars.


Make that at least TWELVE notebooks!! Because there’s also my work notebook, that I wrote the first draft of this blog in during a lunch break (alongside all the notes to do with my day job!!)

Writing as a Small Business Tool

Because I have worked on my writing muscle pretty much every day since 1998, I find it easy.

I pick up a pen and I can usually find something to write about.

That’s why I tell people all the time that journaling is a brilliant tool for small business owners. And I don’t mean just as a self-development tool, although it is wonderful for that.

You see, as a small business owner, unless you’ve got the money to pay someone else to do it for you, then you are going to have to write your own copy, whether that’s social media posts, sales emails, blogs, or PR pitches.

I will often hear other small business owners say that they struggle to create content consistently because “writing is not their forte”.

Learn It by Doing It

But here’s the thing … you can learn by doing.

If you can get yourself into the journaling habit, if you can commit to showing up at the page every day, even if you only write for 10 or 15 minutes, then you are working your writing muscle.

You are getting into the practice of writing, which I guarantee is going to benefit your emotional and mental well-being, but which will also stand you in good stead when it comes to writing copy.

Because I write so much every day, I end up writing a lot of my social media and blog content in the pages of my journals.

I let the words flow and often I will think, “I can share that idea”, and I’ll have the outline of, or sometimes the whole of, a post or a blog.

I mean, look at my current journal …

… post-its for social media posts, post-its for blogs, post-its for emails.

my current journal, full of post-it notes for social media content, blogs and emails
my current journal, full of post-it notes for social media content, blogs and emails

Try It … You Won’t Be Disappointed!

So, why don’t you try?

Why don’t you start with just one journal? (It’s taken me years to build up to my 12-journal habit!!!)

Set your alarm for just 15 minutes earlier than normal and spend those 15 minutes writing.

Or maybe put a small notebook and pen beside your bed and write your gratitudes and successes each day.

And if you would like some motivation, I have a couple of books of journaling prompts that might just help you get started.

A Question of Self, A Journal of Self-Discovery
A Question of Self, A Journal of Self-Discovery

Asking yourself questions can be a way of diving deep into yourself. What I have found is that I will start by answering a question, then words will come, avenues of thought will open, and I will go down them; memories will surface, and I will examine them; ideas will start to spark, and I will follow their light.

With 6 months’ worth of journaling questions, my “A Question of Self” journal can help you tend and attend to your Self.

You can buy it on Amazon here … https://amzn.to/3GnWk51 *

And there’s my Affirmation and Gratitude Journal, in which I give you affirmations and gratitude ideas, as well as inspiring quotes and questions that will help you dive deep into yourself.

You can find it here … https://amzn.to/3jQVzr4 *

A Moment in time, An Affirmation and Gratitude Journal to Inspire Your Journaling Journey
A Moment in time, An Affirmation and Gratitude Journal to Inspire Your Journaling Journey

If you’d like to know more about me, and my hand bound books, and my journaling journey, and maybe get some tips for your own journaling process, why not sign up for my Wonders out of a Redhead Newsletter.

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