How 2021 Was For Me

For this, my first blog of 2022, I thought that I would share my end of year journal entry with you.
I hope that by being open and allowing you an insight into the sorts of things that come up for me when I write in my journal, I will encourage you to pick up your pen, grab a notebook (or a beautiful hand bound book created by yours truly!!), and journal it out … and maybe find a window into yourself.

An photo of an open journal

The One About Christmas

As a small business owner, it appears that I have to start thinking about Christmas in July if I’m going to get all my ducks in a row for the festive season. (I kid you not, “Christmas in July” is an actual thing!) I also have to start marketing my Christmas wares on the 14th of September. According to the marketing gurus, this is the magic date that people start thinking about Christmas. (Who are these people that start their Christmas shopping in September?! Because it’s certainly not me!!! September still counts as Summer as far as I’m concerned!)

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