Hand-bound book maker Lizzie Dewey with one of her journals

I am Lizzie Dewey. I am Redheadwondering.

Hello and a very warm welcome to my website, I’m so happy that you are here! 

My name is Lizzie, and I am the redhead who is always wondering!

I create beautiful hand bound books because I believe that your words are worth it!

I make the covers from original cyanotype prints, which I create using wildflowers and flowers from my lovely English country garden.

I use Coptic stitching to bind the books together, which means that they lie completely flat when opened, making them so perfect for journaling or sketching.

Everything about my creative business makes me happy …

… from picking the wildflowers I use in the cyanotype prints …

… through creating those prints and never quite knowing how they’ll turn out, (because there’s alchemy involved and who doesn’t feel happy when they’re making magic?!) …

 … to binding the books together, which is such a restful and mindful activity.

And I truly believe that my books will make you happy too … because they are beautiful, just like you; they are unique, just like you!

And they are special, just like the words you will write in them.

Why “Redheadwondering”?

Well, I have red hair, so that’s the first part.

The “wondering” part was suggested by my lovely, author husband, who has such a way with words. Many moons ago, I was trying to come up with a name for my first blog, which was to be a journal-type blog about my photography, with general musings and “wonderings” so Redheadwondering was born.

I am a woman full of wonder … as I wander around my adopted home of Wiltshire … I wonder at how beautiful it is, I wonder at how I got to be so lucky to be here, now!

And I wonder how I can have a positive impact in the world.


My invitation to you!

For me, keeping a journal has always been my link to myself, a place where I can be my true self, and a space for me to explore the self I might become. Expressive writing is creativity in action, and it is always good for me, when I allow my words to flow.

A long time ago, when I was in a pretty dark place, I was given a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. The main tool in what Ms Cameron calls her “spiritual path to higher creativity” is a technique called Morning Pages … three pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning … basically – keeping a journal.

It changed my life. Keeping a journal can do that.
Words saved my life.
Writing righted my life.
And now I don’t want to stop. I will never stop writing.

My journal is where I can lay my burden down; my journal is where I can explore how I feel and where my feelings (and fears) are coming from.

My journal is the garden where I plant my seeds of ideas, my seeds of who I want to become.

Lizzie Dewey with her hand bound cyanotype journals

My journal is where I do serious work and it is also where I frolic and play!

I will be giving tips and information in my blog that will help you in your journaling journey. If you would like to receive a copy of my blog straight to your inbox, please fill the subscription form in the footer.

My Redheadwondering Mission!

Redheadwondering exists to provide you with beautiful, unique hand bound books; books that encourage women to write down their own truths.

My mission is to give women a medium through which they can find their voice and write down the things that are truly important to them.

My greatest wish is to create beautiful hand bound books that make women feel special, that make them feel that their words are worth it.

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