Month: July 2021

Affirmations and How They Might Help

Every day, I start my journal by writing my affirmations at the top of page one. 

I know that lots of people struggle with the idea of affirmations; they feel “phony” or “fake” when they say them. Some people feel that affirmations are a bit “new-agey”, “hippie”, “out there”, or basically just not for them.

But here’s the amazing thing about affirmations … they can be whatever you want them to be. They are YOUR affirmations, no one else need ever read them or even know about them, if you do not choose to share them.

Image of open handmade journal by Lizzie Dewey

My Journaling Life (Part 1)

Words saved my life. 

Writing righted my life. 

And now I don’t want to stop. 

I know that I will never stop writing. My journal is where I can lay my burden down, my journal is where I can explore how I feel, where my fears are coming from.

My journal is the garden where I plant my seeds of ideas, my seeds of who I want to become.

My journal is where I do serious work and it is where I frolic and play!

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