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 Welcome to Redheadwondering

My greatest wish is to create beautiful hand bound books that make women feel special, books to make women feel that their words are worth it.

Every book that I create is completely unique, because the covers are all original pieces of cyanotype art. No two books, even if they were to be created using the same flowers and ingredients, will ever be the same … that is the magic of cyanotype prints!

I create these unique hand bound journals, because I believe that your words and your memories deserve to be cherished in beautiful books. 

My books are keepers of your memories, the safe place for your thoughts, and they can be the fertile ground in which you plant your seeds of ideas, of dreams, of desires. 

I believe that all women’s voices deserve to be heard and I give them beautiful books to hold those voices in.

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Hand-bound book maker Lizzie Dewey with one of her journals

“… writing is a way of thinking.
I write in a journal a lot … they are containers that keep me in place, hold me still.”

Ruth Ozeki, author, and Zen Buddhist priest

What is a Journal? Write your life.

It’s your story, your history, your present moment.

It’s a gateway into who you really are and how you really feel.

It’s a place to play and a place to get down to some serious work.

Keeping a journal, whether you do it every day, once a week, or only in moments of strong emotions, (good or bad), can be so many of these things, and so much more. 

Keeping a journal is meditation; it’s a place where you can open up a dialogue with your inner self, or your inner child, or your inner crazy-person-who-just-needs-to-rant; a place where you can hear your inner voice!

Using a journal every day can give you the map you need to find your way to your true self. 

And I truly believe that writing in a journal will make you happy … I do it every morning, and it works for me!

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I would love to be able to help women find their voice through journaling, through writing down their truths so that they may right their lives. 

I will be giving tips and information in my blog that will help you in your journaling journey.

Journaling quite literally saved my life, and I want to share that with other women just like you.

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